WORLDWIDE Trademarks (Madrid Protocol)

To ensure that no one else makes money from your hard work or creative ideas, it is important to register your mark in as many countries as possible. If you don't, someone else can legally use your mark in a country that it is not registered in.

Before a trade mark application is made, you should think about filing in countries:

  • Where you advertise
  • Where you have sales
  • Where your company has offices
  • Where your licenses/licensees are located
  • Where you manufacture or distribute your products
  • With notorious counterfeiting problems


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The Madrid Protocol is a system designed to simplify the protection of trade marks internationally. Providing the trade mark owner resides in a member country, they can protect their trade mark in several member countries at once by filing an application directly with their own national or regional trade mark office.

Registrations through this system cost significantly less than individual national registrations and currently there are 85 jurisdictional members of the Protocol.

85 countries covered by the Madrid Protocol:

ADVANTAGES to Madrid Protocol in comparison to filing an application in each country nationally:

  • The owner of an international registration is granted the same protection as the owner of a national mark
  • Cost effective
  • Possible to cover all 85 members with a single application
  • Uniform protection of goods and services in all designated countries
  • One renewal with one office (WIPO/International Bureau)
  • Central assignment recordation/address change
  • Set examination period: 18 months

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