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UK trade mark registration provides exclusive rights to use of the mark in the UK in respect of the products it is registered for. Registering a trade mark in the UK will help prevent others from not only using the same trade mark but also from using any confusingly similar marks. Only a trade mark registration will provide this legal right.

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Why use Armadillo's trade mark services?
Preparing a trade mark application can be a complicated process. No experience in this field can lead to costly mistakes. Armadillo has 40 years experience in worldwide trade mark registrations and their team of in-house professionals can provide valuable legal advice and assistance in drafting and filing applications. In order to protect your mark, first you need to register it. Prior to registration it is recommended that you do a search.

Armadillo's trade mark professionals will help:

Save Money

  • Armadillo helps you to propose a 'strong' trademark candidate for registration that will not be rejected and will not incur additional costs

  • Save Time

  • Armadillo ensures that no time is wasted and you can concentrate on your business

  • Avoid lengthy legal battles

  • Working with Armadillo, you don't have to worry about legal problems
  • The right to use of the trade mark will not be jeopardised
  • Trade mark applications will be filed correctly

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