Once a trade mark has been registered successfully, it is very important that it is looked after. Registars will accept conflicting trade marks unless the proprietor of the earlier rights objects.

Armadillo can monitor identical and similar marks through a database and the trade mark journal. An identical search is performed at the commencement of the service and quarterly updates are provided.

Trademark Monitoring
Once you have registered your trade mark:

  • Make sure that any new trade marks registered by other organisations, do not infringe your existing registration

  • There are no guarantees that a conflicting trade mark will not also be entered on the trade mark registers

There is little point in registering a trade mark if one does not then invest in the care of it. Therefore it is essential that trade mark owners subscribe to a monitoring and name watch service.


  • It is the owners responsibility to ensure that a third party has not adopted a conflicting trade mark
  • A trade mark monitoring service will alert Armadillo to prospective trade marks that may conflict with the owners rights
  • Armadillo can then advise of appropriate action to take in order to prevent both use and registration

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