Trademark SEARCH FAQ

Why do a search?

Conducting a trade mark search is an essential part of the registration process. The search will check if the proposed mark already exists or if a similar mark is registered in the same or similar classes that protection is required in. If a search is not conducted prior to the registration of the mark, filing fees could be lost if the same or similar trade mark already exists/is registered.

The search also identifies the likelihood of the proposed mark being registered based on the earlier opposition from examiners and recent case law.

It is strongly advised that before filing to register a trade mark, a search is carried out.

In order to carry out a search Armadillo will require a description of the goods or services, together with the use within the industry. This will enable Armadillo's in-house professionals to advise on the classes that protection is needed in.

What can I search for prior to my trade mark application?

Word, Word and Logo combined or Logo only.

What types of searches are available?

Comprehensive/Similarity search or Identical search

How long will it take to carry out a search?

It usually takes 3-5 working days, but Armadillo can carry out a search as an express service which will take 24 hours.

If I do a search, can I guarantee that my mark will be registered?

The trade mark process consists of so many factors that it would be impossible to make an absolute guarantee. The views of an examiner or third party opposition cannot be predicted. However, the search greatly assists the making of an informed decision, showing up any major problems.

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