Your brand is one of the most valuable assets that your company owns. Don't let others steal it, let Armadillo protect it.

Currently there are few, if any, industries immune from attack if their brand is not properly protected. From the luxurious to the ordinary there is now a global network of illegitimate traders willing to copy or alter genuine products for their own profits' sake. Given the ease with which these illegitimate products can be bought and sold, it is important that brand owners take preventative action and PROTECT their brand.

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The unauthorised usage or disfigurement of a company's most prominent symbols is easy to do, yet it can lead to considerable brand dilution or harm.

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The first step towards registering and protecting your mark is to conduct a search to see if there are any existing marks which may conflict with your proposed name or logo. ARMADILLO's experienced in-house trade mark professionals will assist you with every step of the trade mark registration process.

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