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  • Have your brand officially listed as a registered trade mark
  • Helps to build recognition for your company and brand in the market place (Potentially, your trade mark could become very valuable)
  • The ability to take to court, people infringing your trade mark
  • Long term registration of your brand giving official recognition
  • The right to use the ® symbol with your trade mark, showing its registration and protection
  • Peace of mind that your trade mark has been registered and is legally protected
  • It will appear in search results as a registered trade mark in countries that the mark is registered in, deterring others from using your brand
  • Deter infringing activities from competitors

  • Advantages of registering a trade mark:

  • Registration acts as proof of ownership and entitlement to the trade mark
  • Unlike patents and designs, trade marks remain registered as long as the renewal fees are paid every 10 years
  • Registration can be obtained up to 5 years before the brand is to be used as long as there is genuine "intention to use" the trade mark
  • Registered brands can add value, be transferred, or the rights to use the mark can be licensed for financial gain
  • Registration grants a statutory monopoly on the mark
  • Registration gives "security of mind" to the owners of the registered mark

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